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The success of a project is often measured in quantifiable terms, such as the standardized cost/schedule/performance management metrics. While these provide valuable info, they often miss the qualitative success of how useful  the system is to the end user. Designs often fails to take into account current and future needs, typical use cases, and the myriad other things that make a system practical. The practicality of any system, whether simple or complex, is purely dependent on how easy it is to use on a daily basis.

The user is the most important piece of any complex system, and any solution needs to address both short and long-term needs. Engineering Dynamics combines a unique set of skills and experiences, well-suited to both system development and consulting services. We blend the complementary aspects of Sociology and Systems Engineering to thoroughly understand the overall goals of the product, along with the constraints and complexities faced over the lifespan of the product, and typical use-cases. System development utilizes both time-tested concepts (such as designing for sustainability), along with a technologically advanced tool set to explore alternatives and create a mature product.

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